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Important Things About Bird Proofing Your Solar Panels

Switching to solar panels is an excellent way to reduce the use of natural gases. With this, you not just help the planet but also gain energy independence. But it is also a favourite place for birds. The dark solar panels attract the light and absorb a lot of heat, eventually providing a cosy space for pigeons and other birds to bed and roost. They can actually damage your solar panels and reduce their efficiency. You can hire a professional company for bird-proofing solar panels in Stevenage

How to Prevent Birds Nesting under Solar Panels

You can bird-proof your solar panel, and we recommend hiring an expert. However, you can also prevent birds’ problems with a little consideration. 

  1. Keep Your Outdoors Clean: Birds just not only look for great nesting sites. They also need food and water. You should ensure to maintain cleanliness outdoors. Ensure bins and bags are always sealed to reduce feeding opportunities. The availability of nest-building materials like twigs and leaves also attracts them. So ensure to keep your gardens clean and tidy as well.
  2. Fake Birds of Prey: Birds like pigeons are typically scared of birds of prey. You can use a fake owl for an effective deterrent. Some fake owls even have heads that rotate when breezing, giving them a more realistic look. 
  3. Repellent Gel: It is a harmless method for deterring all types of birds. Gel gives a shimmering fire effect while emitting a pungent odour, causing an aversion response in birds. The professional technicians place the gel surrounding the rooftop solar panels for bird proofing. It can be effective for nearly two years, even in a polluted environment, if left undisturbed. The cost depends upon the area size where it needs to be placed.
  4. Mesh: It is one of the most effective ways to keep birds at bay from your solar panels if installed correctly. The mesh is curved onto the roof to enhance its rigidity and avoid the accumulation of leaves. This process doesn’t affect the ventilation, so the panels can work efficiently.

We at Forrest Environmental Services have over 15 years of experience providing various pest control services. We are also an expert in bird-proofing solar panels. Contact us today or check our website if you are looking for the best pest control company.

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