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Bed Bug

Learn Some Unique Facts About Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bug heat treatment is quite popular and has been proven to eliminate bed bugs. However, there are several misconceptions about the equipment used to kill bed bugs and if it even works. This treatment has the highest elimination rates in pest control in Bedfordshire.

Facts You Should Know About Heat Treatment

What is bed bug heat treatment?

This treatment involves using high temperatures in equipment to manage heat in an entire property to get rid of bed bugs and eggs. Perishables and furniture must be evacuated from the house because heaters reach a high temperature. Cluttered rooms and improper preparation may impact the effectiveness of this treatment.

Is there any chance for the survival of bed bugs after heat treatment?

A bed bug infestation has all the biting adults, nymphs, and eggs inside a property. Chemical resistance and bed bug-hiding behavior are the two key problems that can make bed bug treatment a difficult process. These two can create challenges for pest control professionals.

A well-prepared home allows professionals to carry out their work efficiently. Also, it allows the easy movement of the heaters throughout the entire property to penetrate through walls and the ceiling so that the insects cannot survive heat treatment.

How long does heat treatment for bed bugs take?

Typically, this process takes a day but may continue for the next day, depending on the severity. Besides, there may be situations when you need multiple sessions because of the too-large colony, or the dwelling has several infested places at the property.

A professional will first visit the property for an initial inspection to tell how long the process will take and what you can expect them to do during the session. You also need to prepare well before the first session.

Is bed bug heat treatment expensive?

The cost actually depends on the time required to treat the colony and also on how many areas in the property need treatment. Lighter infestations are generally contained in a couple of rooms where treatment is required. Furthermore, the size of the bed bug colony also matters. Infestation in multiple property items will cost more than a standard quote.

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