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Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

Why You Should be Proactive in Pigeon Proofing Your Solar Panel?

In the age of using non-conventional power sources, solar power has been much more popular than others. It can effectively reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills. All you have to do is to invest in solar panels that can produce pollution-free electricity.

Protect Your Investment:

Installing the solar panel is not enough. You have to protect it from different natural agents as well. One of the leading problems is the infestation of pigeons. The solar panels are a favourite spot for the birds. However, it is not good when a lot of pigeons flock together on the panel. Their gathering can affect the efficiency of the panels and damage them badly.

The Reasons to Invest in Pigeon Proofing Materials:

To protect your solar panel from birds, it is better to opt for solar panel pigeon-proofing in Bedfordshire. It can be effective in preventing your panels from scratches, damages and bird excreta. Below, you can find the top reasons to pigeon-proof your solar panels.

  • Maintain Efficiency: The dirt and mess produced by pigeon droppings can be detrimental to your solar panel. When these cover the panels, the solar panel’s ability to generate electricity will reduce significantly. The performance of the panel will be affected by the gathering of birds, thus affecting the efficiency of producing power. This is especially a matter of concern if your panel operates on a string inverter.
  • Pigeon Damages the Panels: Apart from shading the panels, pigeons can cause harm to the exterior and interior components. Pigeon droppings are highly acidic. These have the ability to corrode the wires and other technical components of the panel. Their feet contain sharp protrusions, which can scratch the panel surface. All in all, pigeons can damage your valued investment in solar power.
  • Loud and Messy: Apart from damaging the solar panel, the gathering of the pigeons can damage your mental peace as well. The birds are chirpy, which will create more noise, robbing you of a peaceful environment. They will also start creating nests that are particularly hard to remove. Invest in pigeon proofing materials to ensure these problems do not affect you.

You can now understand why investing in professional bird-proofing materials is vital. To get these from a trustworthy source, you must visit Forrest Environmental Services Ltd. We provide top-quality solar panel pigeon-proofing in Bedfordshire. These can help you generate non-conventional power without any damage. For more details, you can visit our website.

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