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Safeguard your space from wasps

Effective wasp control methods: Safeguarding your space

Warm weather makes room for unwelcome guests: wasps. These buzzing insects can quickly turn a peaceful outdoor gathering into a chaotic situation. To enjoy your garden or patio without the fear of painful stings, it’s essential to implement effective measures to control wasps. You can reach out to  Forrest Environmental Services for the best pest control in Hitchin. In this blog, we will explore some ways to keep wasps at bay.

Five effective ways to control wasps

Before diving deeper into the wasp-controlling methods, let’s first understand what a wasp is.

Wasps are one of the most common species in the UK and are beneficial to nature by helping to control other pests like caterpillars and flies. But their aggressive nature and painful stings make them a nuisance when they invade human living areas.

Let’s now quickly move forward to the effective wasp control methods.

Prevention is Key

Needless to say that it’s always best to prevent a problem from occurring. Seal any openings or cracks in your walls, windows, or doors to prevent wasps from entering your home. Regularly inspect your property for wasp nests and take prompt action if you find one.

Professional Wasp Removal

If you discover a wasp’s nest on your property, it’s advisable to seek professional help for safe and efficient removal. They have the necessary expertise and protective gear to tackle wasp’s nests effectively. Performing this task without professional help can be hazardous.

Natural Deterrents

Planting certain herbs and flowers, such as mint, basil, and marigold, can act as a natural deterrent and prevent wasps from nesting in your garden. 

Traps and Baits

You can purchase commercial wasp traps from some shops or online. You can alternatively make your own trap by cutting the top off a plastic bottle and filling it with a sugary liquid, like fruit juice. Place the trap away from your living area to draw the wasps away from your space.

Cover Food and Drinks

Cover food and drinks during outdoor gatherings to prevent wasps from being attracted to them. Keep rubbish bins tightly sealed to avoid providing a food source for these insects. By eliminating their access to food, you can discourage wasps from lingering around your outdoor space.

Remember to prioritise safety when dealing with any wasp’s nests, and don’t hesitate to seek professional help if needed. Forrest Environmental Services offers the best pest control in Hitchin and the surrounding areas.

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